Music: Sleeve Notes

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CELEBRITIES INTO politics will always go. Keith Hellawell, the drugs czar, recently invited Robbie Williams to join an anti-drugs campaign. This week, Robbie stares out from the cover of The Face with shadows under his eyes and a bloody nose, accompanied by the caption "Want Some?". Inside, he reveals that he once took heroin, and last did a line of coke about three weeks ago.

IN A recent interview with C4, Radiohead's Thom Yorke attacked the cliches of celebrity. He says he will perform at the Amnesty International gig out of guilt: "Radiohead came out of the grunge culture of complaint. It's dawned on us that our problems are irrelevant. It's offensive to have them rammed down your throat on MTV." He's happy using his fame to help Amnesty: "I don't really use it for anything else."

Jennifer Rodger