Music: To A Critic Turned Pop Star

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Currently appearing live are Gay Dad, whose front man Cliff Jones was previously a journalist. Other rock critics turned pop star include Chrissy Hynde, Bob Geldof, Patti Smith and Neil Tennant

You've burnt your boats my beauty

Dropped quill and donned guitar

The scribe springs from the closet

She wants to be a star

How dare you cross the border

Imagine how they'll feel

Your colleagues and your readers

The day you ink that deal

The tape recorder's running

You're going to have to busk it

A workmate whets his dagger

Another primes his musket

The crossbows wound-up ready

The bolts removed from quivers

Cold and scary ain't it?

Sebastian stands and shivers

As muttering in the shadows

They wait for you to fail

With all the love of convicts

For coppers sent to jail

Musicians may be jaundiced

And subsequently rude

But is it any wonder

They're spitting in your food?

Like any thirsty punters

They want to cause you trouble

The barman who's ignored them

Just served himself a double

Unless of course you're brilliant

Chalk hits up by the score

For then, the case is altered

They'll hate you even more.