Arcade Fire shares teasers from upcoming 12” single

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Montreal-based indie band Arcade Fire is offering previews of upcoming single "The Suburbs/Month of May" on its website, as of May 20. Teasers of the 12" can be heard - with a slight catch - at

The catch: Visitors to the site will find an image of a record that will temporarily spin when clicked on. However, to hear more the tracks, users will need to "physically" spin the record; one swift spinning motion will yield a longer play.

"The Suburbs/Month of May" is due for release on June 1, according to a listing at

Arcade Fire's 2004 album Funeral was named by Billboard critics as the number-one album album of the decade and was placed among the top ten by Rolling Stone and NME. The band followed up with 2007's The Neon Bible and are expected to release a third full-length album by year's end.