Charlie Sheen and Snoop Dogg track debuts online

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The now infamous American actor Charlie Sheen just released his much-anticipated collaboration dubbed "Winning" with rapper Snoop Dogg on May 11.

The new track, dubbed after Sheen's well-known catchphrase, is introduced by actress Carmen Electra, famed for her role in the American television series Baywatch. It also features Filter guitarist Rob Patterson.

"The news that Snoop Dogg was working on a track with Charlie Sheen was one of the strangest things we've heard in awhile," writes blogger PopCrush of the collaboration.

"This being Snoop, the rapping is pretty fabulous, but it would be hard to argue this isn't a new low for popular culture," reviews the Guardian in the UK. "Still, at least ‘Winning’ is Snoop's most SEO-friendly song since the one he did with Katy Perry." 

Sheen, the former Two and a Half Men star and once the highest paid actor on TV,  has been in the public eye following a series of increasingly bizarre antics which, some suggest, are due to drug use. While the actor's behavior has bought him more attention, notably a sold-out tour entitled My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option, many have suggested that he is on a downward spiral of substance abuse.

However, Snoop Dogg has previously said that he and Sheen were "making some real classic material," adding that Sheen was a "brilliant guy."

Snoop Dogg just dropped his 11th studio album, Doggumentary, featuring Kanye West, John Legend, Too $hort, Wiz Khalifa, Gorillaz, R. Kelly, and Willie Nelson, among many others. The album is the sequel to his 1993 Doggystyle, which was certified quadruple platinum in sales in the US and is Snoop Dogg's highest-selling album.

Listen to the new track now: