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Englebert Humperdinck and Jimmy Page are now virtually indistinguishable. Just look at the fly-posters advertising Englebert's current tour, which commences in Edinburgh this week, and tell me I'm not a loony. Suspicion is further heightened by the fact that the coming Page / Plant reunion tour of the UK in no way overlaps with Hump's.

On a less fishy, though no less cheesy, note, it's a remarkable week when British pop fans can see Englebert, Julio Iglesias, Gene Pitney and Rod Stewart all within easy driving distance of our major population centres. The same could almost be said for The Verve (above), who come from Wigan but may only be heard this week in Liverpool and London. Let's hope they haven't forgotten how to play the licks they copped from Jimmy Page's early, golden records.