CLASSICAL MUSIC / Upbeat: All together

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AS far as Upbeat is concerned, there are 365 Music Days every year. But you will not have missed the singling out of two of them, and the official directory alone lists hundreds of National Music Day events this weekend - mostly local, because the accent is on doing rather than consuming. Thousands of this column's readers are doubtless taking part.

For the intrepid and uncommitted, two of the farthest-flung are at the Causeway, Tongue, tomorrow at 6pm (an open-air 'Songs of Praise') and at the top of Snowdon this afternoon where the British Association of Barbershop Singers intends to form the biggest-ever barbershop choir. Londoners can experiment with a four-stage multicultural festival all day tomorrow in the grounds of Chiswick House, with 500 performers ranging from bhangra to opera stars. And you'll find Radio 3 on the hoof around Cheltenham and Classic FM at the Bristol Amphitheatre for an Open Air Spectacular.