Eminem joins Lady Gaga in Facebook hall of fame

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Eminem has surpassed ten million Facebook friends, reported industry resource Billboard.biz on August 11. The rapper now sits between Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber as three of the most popular musicians on the social networking site.

In July, Lady Gaga set a record as the only living person on Facebook to claim more than ten million friends. Above her were Texas Hold 'em Poker, Michael Jackson, Mafia Wars, Facebook, and the US TV show Family Guy, while Barack Obama held the spot for second most-friended living person with 9,824,885 followers.

On August 11, Eminem joined Lady Gaga in the ten-million-friends club, with a friend count of 10,203,750. In comparison, Lady Gaga now has more than 15 million Facebook followers, Barack Obama boasts more than 12.3 million, Justin Bieber has almost 9.3 million, Taylor Swift has nearly 8.8 million, Beyoncé almost six million, Jay-Z just over three million, and the Black Eyed Peas almost 2.9 million.

Eminem's Facebook page features a feed of official announcements, including links to newly released videos, details about Eminem's TV appearances, and album release information. Gaga's page includes a mix of personal messages and marketing announcements.

Find Eminem on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eminem