Alison Goldfrapp has a blonde moment

Alison Goldfrapp claims she's not interested in seeking attention. Ahead of her band's new album, Elisa Bray considers the evidence
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I am quite shy and quite private," said Alison Goldfrapp in a recent interview. "I don't like to court any attention other than if it's really to do with the music", she admitted in another. Really? It is an unexpected statement, because fans of electro-pop duo Goldfrapp will recognise Alison Goldfrapp as the rather flamboyant star of the band.

She is certainly striking with her pile of blonde ringlets, and does not seem to mind being a bit of an exhibitionist on stage and being the one to draw the eye in all the band's photographs and videos.

At their several Glastonbury appearances, she has appeared in various guises. In 2004, to complement their sensual electroclash and glam-rock phase of Black Cherry (2003) and the Grammy Award-nominated Supernature (2005), she donned dominatrix boots and a black cap, and for the whimsical, pagan-inspired, stage set-up at Glastonbury 2008, she appeared in a brightly coloured folky costume with erotic dancers. Meanwhile, on album artwork, she has appeared as a clown hugging a tree (Seventh Tree, 2008).

Noticeably in addition to this her partner in music, keyboard and synth master Will Gregory, does not always join her on stage (usually he can be found behind the sound desk).

As Goldfrapp claims, the stage sets and costumes are there to tell the story of the music rather than anything else. And in advance of the band's new, fifth album, Head First, a decade since their Mercury-nominated ambient debut Felt Mountain brought them into the public eye, the 43-year-old is seen dancing in the video for their new synth-driven pop single "Rocket" (inset). The video is directed by Kim Gehrig, and the colours are bold and bright. They reflect the lighter, euphoric, Eighties pop sound into which Goldfrapp have moved with this new album.

The single "Rocket" is out now (Mute Records). The album 'Head First' follows on 22 March