Barometer: Ben Taylor; Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse & David Lynch; BBU; J Tillman; Marina and the Diamonds; Black Lips

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Ben Taylor Wicked Way

The new single by the singer-songwriter son of James Taylor and Carly Simon is a tongue-in-cheek tale of honest lustfulness.

Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse & David Lynch Dark Night of the Soul

The unlikely trio are weirdly brilliant on the eccentric title track of their controversial new album.

BBU Chi Don't Dance

A great bout of shout-along, hip hop from Chicago.

J Tillman Steel on Steel

Stand-out track from the Fleet Foxes drummer's recent solo album, Vacilando Territory Blues.

Marina and the Diamonds Seventeen

Upbeat, keyboard-happy pop reminiscent of Kate Bush. She may sound East European, but she's from Wales.

Black Lips Starting Over

A typically lo-fi slice of Fifties-flavoured scuzzy pop from Atlanta's mischievous and lovably chaotic garage rockers.