Barometer: Phoenix, Camera Obscura; Peter Gabriel; Madlib; Paulo Nutini; St Vincent

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Phoenix, Love Like a Sunset

This sprawling epic is a haunting counterpoint to the poppier elements of their new album

Camera Obscura, My Maudlin Career

A perfect slice of melancholy Scottish indie pop from band's latest album of the same name

Peter Gabriel, The Book of Love

TV show Scrubs used this lovely, strings-laden cover of a Magnetic Fields song for the closing musical montage of its latest series

Madlib, Sacrifice

Swirling instrumental hip hop from the producer's 2008 tribute to J Dilla

Paulo Nutini, 10/10

Caledonian soul blue-beat from the boy blessed with a voice old before his time

St Vincent, The Stranger

Spooky, kooky and altogether great pop tones