Big Spring reveal new track 'Cold Foot' - premiere

New noise for the weekend

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Very excited to premiere this absolute monster of a track from new British rockers Big Spring, 'Cold Foot'.

They don't mess about - this ambitious track gets stuck right in with that beastly, chugging riff, brooding lyrics and frontman Ollie Loring's soaring vocals.

Check it out below and see if that doesn't wake you up:

Q&A with Big Spring

What are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve gone back to listening to a lot of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains recently. ‘Burden In My Hand’ by Soundgarden is my driving song right now.

What are your plans for 2017?

To write the biggest songs we can, record the best ones and play as many shows as possible. It’s a pretty good formula that’s working for us so far!

First gig, best gig?

Well technically we didn’t actually play this gig but I still think it counts. We were about to go on stage and I was helping everyone with taping leads down, passing them guitars etc, and I saw that Jack couldn’t get any sound out of one of his amps.

The other amp he was using stopped working too so he didn’t have anything to play through, we had to start packing up again without even playing a note - the quickest set we’ve ever done!

The best show for me was actually our recent show with Decade at the Boston Music Rooms in London. Everything started falling into place for us on that tour but it genuinely felt like we stepped it up that night and really belonged on that stage. Ridiculously fun.

'Cold Foot' - the new track from Big Spring - is out this Friday