Blu Cantrell: The Q Interview

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R&B artist Blu Cantrell - real name Tiffany Cobb - exploded on to the R&B scene this year with her number one hit "Breathe", featuring Sean Paul. She recently adorned the front page of several tabloids following a spat with Beyoncé Knowles and after a magazine printed some revealing photos she posed for years ago "to pay the rent". Cantrell is very much single and lives alone in Los Angeles.

You look great, despite having a really hectic schedule. What's your secret?

Um, alcohol? Seriously, I don't know - I guess I just take my vitamins, eat twice a day, nothing really major. There's no secret behind it. I don't have any secrets.

Is your body a temple or a bike shed?

A temple or a what? I'd definitely say it's a temple. I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm healthy, but I'm very conscious of my body - I listen to what it says and I go with it. I know myself.

What exemplifies stylishness for you?

I like lots of different things. I don't look like anybody and I don't really admire anyone's style because I have my own style.

Let's talk about music. Do you get to choose your co-vocalists like Sean Paul?

Absolutely. I choose everyone I work with. I mean, they were referred but they ended up being people I really wanted, which was ironic. But I really don't want to be known as an artist who keeps working with other people. It's kind of like getting a piggyback. I can't do that.

Who are your major influences?

Aretha Franklin, Whitney, Mariah, Stevie Wonder, a lot of different people.

There are lots of blokes who'd kill to be sitting where I am right now. What do you look for in a man?

Would they? I don't really have criteria. I don't think I expect too much. My standards aren't too high - I just want someone who's confident, who can take care of himself, who motivates me and who's positive. I don't go by looks. Obviously it helps if he doesn't have a hump on his back.

Are you a seductress or a seductee?

It goes both ways - I like to be both.

I hear you're a fan of Prince William. Has he called you yet?

Come on ... the porn queen with Prince William? The press would love that. That's all he needs right now. I don't think he's checking for me.

Oh come on. Why not? Let's say you've got a date with Prince William - where do you go?

My bedroom - just kidding! We'd just go and have drinks, y'know, and chill out, like I'd do with anyone else. I think if I were him, in his position - and being an artist I can kind of relate to it in a sense - I would just want to do normal stuff like everyone else and be treated like everyone else. Being treated like you're different is basic; it's expected. When you have that kind of stature you want to be treated like everyone else. He is hot, though.

You must be really sick of the whole porn star thing - the British press gave you a bit of a hard time.

Nah, they've just been doing what they do to everyone else. I'm very non-emotional about the press. If they weren't talking about me then that would be something to worry about. Have you heard of any artist that they're not going to say something negative about? I mean, think about it. It doesn't bother me at all. I actually find it quite humorous. I laughed so hard one time, I almost peed myself. Cheers to the press.

How did you feel when you heard Radio 1 wouldn't play your song?

I don't really know much about the business side of what went on. I like Radio 1. I support them - they've pushed my records before. But they were the last to get on board and I'm sure in some ways they're regretting it now. But it's OK. I don't hold grudges. They're on board now.

We've seen a lot of Blu Cantrell the star. What's an average day in your life like?

Well, there's nothing average about being an artist. It's very energetic, fast-paced and I like to keep busy. I'm always working. I feel comfortable doing that. I can't just sit around doing nothing. It makes me antsy.

What do you do in your downtime?

Well, I'm a workaholic. But actually I play with my dog or visit my family. Just regular stuff, y'know, nothing too wow. I'm just like every other girl.

Have you had a chance to go out in London much?

No, I've been too busy. But being busy is not a problem if you love what you do.

There's been some debate over your age. How old are you?

It doesn't matter. I wanna be my age - age isn't really an issue for me because I look young so I don't really care. I feel young. And I am young. I'm under 30. I don't want my age to be an issue, y'know, because I feel that that's the thing with a lot of artists: you have to be 16 or 18. There are artists who are way older than me who still uphold that young vibe.

Have you encountered any problems like that because of your age?

No, not really. But I've seen how it's been for other artists and I don't want to go there.

I hear you're into comedy. Ever thought of going down that road?

Yeah, maybe. I'd like to, but we'll see. I like Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey. I really find Jim Carrey to be so naturally funny. I think that's the best thing, when you can get on stage and just improvise - everything he does is hilarious. He really stops you in his tracks.

What are you currently reading in bed?

I read minds... I'm not reading anything, sorry. I'm not the reading type right now. I have been in the past, but I don't have time for that. And when I go to bed, honey, I ain't sittin' there with a book. I go to sleep, because I'm probably only gonna have two hours' sleep before I have to get up again. There ain't gonna be no reading! I look at the cover and think "that's nice!", read the back, think "sounds like a good book".

The single 'Make Me Want to Scream' is out on 1 December on BMG Records