Caught in the Net: A Flaming dozen for Lips fans

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Back in 1997 Flaming Lips released Zaireeka, an epic four-CD experimental album, which required each disc to be run simultaneously on different players to achieve the full effect of the music.

Similarly, the Oklahoma art rockers have put out a new track called "Two Blobs Fucking", which is broken into 12 videos on YouTube – and, you've guessed it, they all must be played at the same time to get the complete song. It might take some planning to actually hear the thing. An explanatory video and the 12-part song can be found at flaminglipsfree.

Freak out in a Moondog daydream

The avant-garde composer, jazz musician and poet Louis Hardin was better known as Moondog, a hippyish character who spent much of the mid-part of the last century wandering the streets of New York, dressed in various Viking-like costumes – earning him the name the Viking of Sixth Avenue. Though his eclectic music has been celebrated by the likes of Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Elvis Costello, he remains an obscure figure. Recently, musicians including Kid Carpet and Max Tundra recorded versions of the Moondog song "Enough About Human Rights" for a mini-tribute-album on SL records. It's available to download at for £2.99. The label has asked several musicians to re-record Moondog's music, and will be releasing more throughout the year.

Puro silk

There has been plenty of anticipation for the debut album of Puro Instinct, the young LA-based sister outfit of Piper and Skylar Kaplan. The dream-pop duo's brilliantly titled record, Headbangers in Ecstasy, is released next week on Mexican Summer. Ahead of that, music blog Gorilla vs Bear is streaming a track from the LP called "Silky Eyes" at – it's a hazy number with low-key guitar and synth lines clicking alongside a soft vocal.

LCD's tout-defying farewell

James Murphy, the mastermind behind LCD Soundsystem, has finally called time on the band, with a farewell gig in Madison Square Garden on 2 April. A ticket-buying frenzy ensued, with the gig selling out instantly, causing fury from fans and band alike as touts got their hands on large blocks of tickets, reselling them at extortionate prices. Murphy took to his band's website to vent his spleen with a lengthy post entitled "Fuck you, scalpers", at It's an enjoyable read; angry, heartfelt and funny, which not only takes on the ticket touts, but also ponders the band's time together and their relationship to their fans. And it includes an announcement of five extra gigs, designed to undercut the value of the touts' precious tickets.