Caught in the net: A new album from experimental duo Body/Head


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Body/Head, Kim Gordon's collaboration with guitarist Bill Nace, has been slowly gestating since the dissolution/hiatus of her famed band Sonic Youth in 2011. They've played numerous tours and shows around the world and soon we'll have a recorded version of their experimental, improvisational work in the form of the album Coming Apart, released on 16 September.

This week the pair previewed a track from the record, which can be found at The intense piece, "Actress", is a fairly apt summation of their style, with lawyers of jagged guitar noises slamming against Gordon's distinctive drawl.

Kwes' hard work pays off

Highly regarded British producer/singer-songwriter and experimental pop artist Kwes has been steadily building his reputation with EPs and high-profile production, remix and collaborative projects. In October, the south Londoner will release his debut album, ilp, on Warp. The first track to be aired is the gorgeous "36", a wash of dreamy electro-pop underscored by a lovely, melancholy vocal from Kwes himself. Find it streaming at

Rainer reigns as the latest single hits home

It took me a few listens but I'm now hooked on "Girls", the new single by up-and-coming London duo Rainer. The group is made up of singer Rebekah Raa and producer Casually Here (I'm guessing that's not his real name). The track, which is one half of a double A-side new single release, out digitally and as a seven-inch on 9 September is streaming now at It finds Raa laying down a great, poised vocal over layers of skittish but propulsive beats, pulses and sonic washes. Seek it out.

A gem uncovered by sonic sleuthing

Idly browsing in Kristina Records in east London (@kristinarecords) the other day I discovered a fine piece of music. Someone at the counter was playing a record of minimal electronica with hints of Detroit techno and Aphex Twin, piano motifs with a nod to classical minimalism and dash of krautrock thrown in, too. After making enquiries, I learned the EP was Expressions by London producer Kit Grill; alongside some record shops you can find the six-track work online (to buy and to stream) at Said website says a full album is arriving in September.