Caught in the Net: Art-rockers delve into electronica


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In early March I wrote about the Australian art-rock trio Liars who offered up a few hints as to what was in store for their June-due album, in the form of a short montage video posted on their blog,

Now come further details on their sixth LP and a brand new single. The record, released on 4 June, comes with the palindromic title WIXIW – apparently you pronounce it "wish you", for some reason. Leading off proceedings is the single "No 1 Against The Rush", which they shared at facebook. com/LiarsOfficial – you can listen by hitting the "like" button. As the previous preview video had hinted, the ever-experimenting band have taken a new electronic-driven direction for this intriguing new single, with synths, organs and bleeps leading the way.

Jai Paul's eagerly awaited return

There has been a lot expected of Jai Paul since his glorious song "BTSTU" got widespread attention in 2010 – culminating with a place on the BBC Sound of 2011 longlist and a coveted record deal with XL. But, perhaps wisely, the north-west London singer/producer hasn't been in a rush to capitalise on the attention. Only now are we getting new rumblings of music: last week, XL put a new track from Jai Paul on SoundCloud– – the first since "BTSTU". Billed only as a demo, the track, "Jasmine", still sounds pretty well formed, with dubstep inflections meshing nicely with Jai Paul's falsetto vocals, handclap samples and synths. Two years on the enormous potential remains – here's hoping for more music.

Peaking Lights' devilish new album

The album 936 by LA wife and husband duo Peaking Lights was one of the best of 2011; a brilliant experimental mix of dub, pop, electronica, disco and krautrock (and a few other things, to boot). I'm pleased to see that Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes are returning already with a new album, their third full-length release, on 19 June. To whet our appetite for the new LP, Lucifer, the pair are putting together a series of mixtapes, appearing sporadically from now at

The weird world of David Lynch

One of the distinct benefits of David Lynch's odd-ball debut album, Crazy Clown Time, released late last year, was that at some point the celebrated film-maker was likely to direct a video for one of the songs. And so, this week it came, with a Lynch-helmed promo for the title track – it premiered on With some typical Lynchian flourishes, it relays the tale of a debauched/ terrifying looking late night garden party – and transfers Lynch's creepily cooed vocals into live action. "Molly had her rip shirt; Suzy, she ripped her shirt off completely..." begin the lyrics, and it goes from there.