Caught in the Net: Atlas puts Bradford back on the map

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I was starting to get worried for a moment there: Bradford Cox (below), as frontman of art-rockers Deerhunter and in his dream pop solo project Atlas Sound, has been ridiculously productive in recent years – releasing six albums in four years, not to mention numerous EPs and demos.

There had been no sign of an official release this year, but just like that, news of a new Atlas Sound album has landed. Called Parallax, the12-track record comes out in November. Accompanying word of the new LP was a new song from said album. The song, "Terra Incognita", is available free at and it's absolutely gorgeous. Another triumph from the tireless Cox.

Whisper it: you can double your Gains

Following the success of 2010's collaboration with Beck on her album IRM, Charlotte Gainsbourg returns with a double album and EP. The double LP Stage Whisper, released on 7 November, features a live recording and a set of previously unreleased material largely culled from the IRM sessions. The EP, Terrible Angles, arrives on Monday and features four songs and two videos. An upbeat electro stomp title track made with Beck and another song, "White Telephone" – from November's release – are on Beck's Soundcloud at; a video for the former song, with Gainsbourg and some lookalikes, can be seen at

Boo boys can get stuck into archive

On Tuesday, Martin Carr – best known for his 90s pop band the Boo Radleys, and later under the moniker Bravecaptain – tweeted (@Martin_Carr): "I've archived all the songs I've written (I think) in the last 21 yrs on my Soundcloud site." After putting all that music out into the ether, he returned to Twitter with another thought: "There were a couple of things that made me cringe they were so bad. Adrenalin ep, some b-sides, first bc albums. Yikes."

Streaming site hitsflat Spot in States

On this side of the world we're long since accustomed to the wonders of Spotify, but its recent launch in the US allows for some fresh eyes to be cast over the music streaming site. On Monday, the US songwriter/ musician/composer Gabriel Kahane posted a lengthy critique of Spotify on his blog at "What Spotify and illegally downloaded music have in common is that they both spiritually devalue music by making a surfeit of it too accessible," he writes. "What irritates me is not that people steal music, but that they steal so much of it that they don't listen to any of it... As Butthead once queried Beavis: 'If nothing ever sucked, how would you know if something was cool?'" There are plenty of quibbles to be had with his arguments but Kahane's comments are worth reading.