Caught in the Net: Bat haunts again with another woman


On "Laura", the first track showcased from Bat for Lashes' forthcoming album The Haunted Man, Natasha Khan, below right, pared things down with a spare, sad piano ballad. Intent on displaying her full range, for "Marilyn", the second track to emerge from the record, things go widescreen with a big 1980s synth-pop sound that's equal parts melancholy and hopeful, all underpinned by a gorgeous vocal from Khan.

It can be downloaded free HERE. "All Your Gold", another new track, with things now moving to danceable electro-pop, is streaming HERE.

New Innings is a near Missy

After a long hiatus, Missy Elliott returned this week with two new singles made with regular collaborator Timbaland. Elliott was once out in front as one of the most interesting hip-hop artists around, making great, forward-looking pop music. She seems to have lost some of her lustre on these two solid, if a little perfunctory tracks. "Triple Threat" and "9th Innings" are selling on iTunes now, and can be streamed HERE.

Adult Swim's singles surface

For a third year running, the US pop-culture cable TV network Adult Swim has put together its "Singles Programme", in which it invites musicians to record a single, which is released over 13 weeks and made free to download from This year's offering concluded with offerings from noise-rap crew Death Grips, above left, and art rock big-hitters Liars. The collection also includes Flying Lotus, Gauntlet Hair and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Find the whole thing at click HERE.