Caught in the Net: Clogs show they've got plenty of sole


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While Bryce Dessner (pictured) is best known as the guitarist with The National, he has long been cultivating himself in other directions too. An accomplished composer in his own right he also has had another band on the go for the last decade or so. Clogs, a project led by Dessner and Australian musician Padma Newsome make intricate songs and instrumentals with hints of avant garde experimentalism, art-rock, folk, classical and chamber pop. Their latest release arrived this week in the form The Sundown EP. It can be download from their Bandcamp for $3 at The three-track EP is a gorgeous, quiet affair with delicate vocals from Newsome and folk elements coming to the fore.

Still worth singing Daughter's praises

I've been banging the drum for UK band Daughter in recent months. The trio's debut album, If You Leave, comes out in March through 4AD. Last week, they released their mournful new single, “Still”, available on iTunes. They also premiered a suitably moody video to accompany the track, which can be found at uUWrcFpmI5U.

A rapper returns to his roots

Fresh from helping to popularise the phrase “YOLO” on his track “The Motto”, for which we can only be thankful, Drake now returns with the first single from his forthcoming third album. The Canadian rapper dropped “Started from the Bottom” earlier than expected on his blog at, with a note that read in part, “I didn't feel I needed any interviews or radio or press to launch this song. It felt right to come back to the site that I started on.” The vaguely menacing track, both hazy and heavy, produced by Mike Zombie utilises a great piano loop and bears hints of the influence of occasional collaborator Kendrick Lamar.