Caught in the Net: Fans record Beck's album for him


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It's a month or so since Beck's choose your own adventure Song Reader album has been with us.

In it, Beck provided the music and the lyrics in artfully produced song sheets but it was up to everyone else to fill in the gaps by recording the music. And they have been doing so with gusto. At an extensive catalogue of videos of people performing the Beck songs is emerging. The Independent's own Rhdori Marsden offered his take on “Just Noise” at Some videos of the performances from a Song Reader concert at Rough Trade East can be found at

Collins hits the right notes

“Completed December 2012, released March 2013, Understated is Edwyn's latest record and this is on it,” is how Edwyn Collins' label introduced a song from his new album on their Soundcloud page “Too Bad” from his upcoming eighth studio album is a lovely melancholy but rousing number with Collins' memorable drawl.

This year's worst album cover is...

The end of the year always brings an avalanche of best-of lists. However, amid all that positivity, it's nice to have a few negative lists, too. An annual favourite is Pitchfork's “Worst Album Covers”, tackling some artwork horrors in their “compendium of the year's ugliest, goofiest, and most baffling covers”.