Caught in the Net: Holy Fire! It's an album from Foals

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Foals follow up their excellent 2010 album Total Life Forever with a new record called Holy Fire in February. This week, the Oxford five-piece offered up the first track from the new album in the shape of a video for "Inhaler". The video of youthful hijinks probably isn't safe to view at work. The song itself is a good opening salvo, beginning with a spiky post-punk sound echoing their previous work before adding a harder rock edge on the chorus.

Earl puts his shirt on a new track

While Frank Ocean has supplanted Tyler, The Creator as the most high-profile and acclaimed member of the Odd Future rap collective, Tyler and other members are still keeping busy. The much-mythologised member Earl Sweatshirt has dropped a fine new track. On "Chum", which is streaming at, the young rapper utilises a great stuttering drumbeat and a mournful piano-loop, both repeating continuously, while unfurling melancholy autobiographical tales about his family and race with his deep bass rapping flow.

No mystery to Jim Jarmusch's music

Jim Jarmusch films always include great music which is integral to the work. The director has also maintained a less prolific music career. For his latest album he has teamed up with Jozef van Wissem for a mostly instrumental, ambient record pairing van Wissem's lute-plucking with Jarmusch's guitar noises. It's surprisingly good. The LP, The Mystery of Heaven, comes out next week; find more details at, and hear it streamed at Look out for a contribution from Tilda Swinton.