Caught in the net: Kate Bush's work continues apace

Kate Bush has already offered up an album this year – May's Director's Cut, which reappropriated material from two of her previous albums. But she's not stopping there.

In November, Bush releases 50 Words for Snow, a seven-track album of brand new material. This week, the record's first single was released digitally: a radio edit of the song "Wild Man" is also streaming on her YouTube channel at The track kicks off with some slow-burning acoustic guitar that somewhat recalls Fleetwood Mac, before oscillating between whispered verses and a surging, yelping chorus, relating a haunting tale of a Yeti-like creature on the prowl. All very intriguing, indeed.

Moody men merge in a minor key

Given their shared love of doom-laden soundscapes, Massive Attack and Burial make natural, if a little stark, bedfellows. The two have collaborated on an upcoming 12" vinyl release – the limited-edition work has 1,000 pressings, with fancy artwork by Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja. The record features two 12-minute tracks by the former band, remixed by dubstep's prime mover. The B-side is a reworking of "Paradise Circus" from the band's 2010 LP, Heligoland, while the lead-off effort, "Four Walls", is a remix of a previously unreleased track. The latter is streaming at, where it gets stretched out by Burial in an ambient manner with some minor-key dubstep flourishes.

Activity reported from the Nite watch

LA-based one-woman band Nite Jewel, aka Ramona Gonzalez, has a new single out, which will be released as a 7" record by Yours Truly, the website better known for their inventive music performance videos ( The song whets the appetite for Nite Jewel's second album, which is due early in 2012. Called "She's Always Watching You", the track, also available on Yours Truly's bandcamp page at, finds Gonzalez toying with some high-pitched pop vocals over a 1980s synth sheen.

Memories from a free treasure chest

Give or take the occasional copyright spat, YouTube remains a treasure trove of music videos and snippets. Last week, marked the 70th birthday of avant-garde stage director Robert Wilson by linking ( to a 1984 documentary about a Brooklyn production of his seminal opera collaboration with Philip Glass, Einstein on the Beach, which will arrive in London next summer. I also happened across a YouTube video from an early 1980s BBC TV adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's Baal featuring David Bowie (see it here ); perhaps BBC4 can dig it out from the archives and spruce it up.