Caught in the net: New album from killer Whales


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Noah and the Whale have always had a keen interest in film (their name was inspired by the movie The Squid and the Whale). This week they announced the first single from their new album Heart of Nowhere, the follow-up to their platinum-selling Last Night on Earth. The video for the single is a trailer for a short film directed by their singer and songwriter Charlie Fink (pictured), that will accompany the album's release on 6 May. The album's title-track is a hit-in-waiting for the band. Watch the video at

Fierce creatures caught on film

The independent label Fierce Panda helped launch the careers of Placebo and Coldplay, and was THE label to be signed to if you were an indie band in the mid-90s (Ash, Idlewild, Embrace, Kenickie...). Celebrating its 20th birthday is a documentary: Endangered: the Story of Fierce Panda records which includes interviews with, and rare footage of, key players in their history. It comes with a soundtrack of their best singles. Pre-order it on PledgeMusic at

The pleasures of Leisure

Ivor Novello nominees The Leisure Society are previewing their new album on The Independent's website at ahead of its Monday release. “Alone Aboard the Ark” was recorded at Ray Davies' (a long-time Leisure Society fan) Konk Studios, and frontman Nick Hemming's rich vocals and the band's mellifluous instrumentation are instantly recognisable. Lead single “Fight for Everyone”, about the London Olympics, is a joyous pop affair, opening with triumphant brass and leading into a bass groove and insanely hooky synth line.

Tom Cruise hurtles towards oblivion

M83 (Andrew Gonzalez) has penned the soundtrack for the new Tom Cruise film Oblivion alongside Joseph Trapanese. Hear the theme at It bears M83's mark of dreamy electronica, but has the addition of Hollywood-friendly sweeping strings and the powerful vocals of Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfor. Gonzalez wrote the music from the back of the bus when on tour for M83.