Caught in the Net: Patron saints of giveaways

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Dzama drama

The Canadian artist Marcel Dzama creates brilliant small-scale watercolour paintings that are whimsical and unsettling: they tend to feature humans, animals or hybrids of both, with death and destruction in the mix. Beck and They Might Be Giants enlisted Dzama to design artwork for 'Guero' and 'The Else' respectively. Now, with director Patrick Daughters, Dzama has created a video for Department of Eagles' ( stately stomp, "No One Does It Like You". It's essentially a live-action rendering of a Dzama painting, with lashings of war, dancing soldiers, blood, flying limbs and ghosts. Watch it at

Seriously viral

I suspect "Netcasty", who bills himself as "the YouTube SingStar dude", is in the pay of PlayStation, so making me a patsy of their viral marketing ways, but his YouTube videos are weirdly compelling. He's even made it on to a PlayStation ad after posting more than 200 videos of himself performing SingStar karaoke songs from his kitchen. Just as one is tempted to peer at a pool of vomit, you'll want to look away but find yourself drawn to Netcasty's bizarre exploits. Watch him at

And finally the T-Wayne have met

T Pain and Lil Wayne's collaboration under the moniker T-Wayne (must have taken a while to come up with that), has been mooted for a while. "T-Wayne is an entity that's just gonna take over a side of the game," Pain declared last year. Now, some fruits of the partnership have emerged, with Pain rapping and Wayne singing over a thin, skittish beat on for "He Raps He Sings It's T-Wayne". Download it at

The word of Bob

Bob Dylan's new album, 'Together Through Life', is on the way. In anticipation, an extensive interview with music writer Bill Flanagan has been posted on After some hither and thither about art and craft and song and dance, Flanagan cuts to the chase, asking: "If a young man considering a career in the arts wanted to meet a lot of women, would he be better off learning to paint or to play guitar?" "Probably neither. If he had women on his mind, he might think about becoming a lawyer or a doctor," Bob counters. "Maybe a private detective, but that would be the wrong motivation for any career." A free track from the record, called "Beyond Here Lies Nothing", is available on the site.