Caught in the Net: Swede dreams are made of this


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In recent months The Knife (pictured) have been teasing the world with occasional details of their forthcoming album Shaking the Habitual, their first since 2006, when the acclaimed Silent Shout created tremors in electronic music and beyond.

This week the Swedish sister-and-brother duo offered the first song from the new record which is released in April. The track, “Full of Fire”, which can be downloaded now on iTunes and at, is a full on nine-minute electro assault. While maintaining much of their trademark style – unsettling vocals, haunted dance music – it also amps things up in a compelling manner. There's also video made by Swedish born, Berlin-based film-maker/artist Marit Ostberg, which can be found at

Remix takes Cat back to Manhattan

“Manhattan” was the stand-out track on Cat Power's underrated album Sun, released last year. While its melancholy combination of sparse piano bursts, drum-machine rhythms and Power's distinctive vocals don't seem to immediately lend themselves to remixing, Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth has done just that. His superb take on the song strips away the piano and the beat, leaving just the gorgeous, resigned vocals now dressed with electronic sounds and textures – he also adds a verse about New York from rapper Angel Haze. Hemsworth's reworking manages to maintain the spirit of the song but push it into interesting new places. It's streaming at

Emily finds life after oblivion

The young film-maker Emily Kai Bock (below) is best known for her music video for Grimes's “Oblivion” (see it at Based in Montreal, Bock has now turned her attention on New York with Spit Gold Under an Empire, a beautifully shot short documentary. It looks at city's underground hip-hop scene, centred largely in Brooklyn, and features the likes of Angel Haze, Myyki Blanco and CJ Fly. The film is part of the New American Noise series of shorts screened recently at the Sundance festival, about various music subcultures in six US cities. The films are available online at