Caught in the net - The award goes to... Rosanna

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It was perhaps when they awarded the Best Polka Album gong that ?uestlove's mind started to wander. In attendance at Sunday's Grammy Awards, the drummer and spearhead of rap band The Roots surveyed those around him and observed, coarsely, "rosanna arquette is 50 and can get it. SERIOUSLY." We know this because he listed it as one of his highlights of Grammys night, during regular updates from the event on his Twitter account, qoolquest. It makes for some enjoyable, if surreal reading. "Robert Plant just kicked me outta his seat lol," he writes at one stage. He wasn't the only guest using Twitter to provide a unique insight into the Grammys. Diplo, the influential producer/DJ, a co-nominee for his work on MIA's "Paper Planes", got in on the act too ( diplo). "Jonas broz go home," he declared in one of his many postings. He also, earlier, gave a snapshot of his preparation for the long night ahead, "Went no tie.. But shoulda got haircut.. 175 dollar whiskey in 5 oz flask ready to go."

Musical chirps

With the craze for Twitter continuing unabated, it's no surprise that musicians are using the service to document their every movement. Sonic Youth are close to completing their 15th album and have been writing about the process on http://twitter. com/thesonicyouth. Pitchfork has compiled a primer of noteworthy bands using Twitter ( http://tinyurl. com/c8oe9y), while an industrious sort has put together an exhaustive list of musicians on Twitter; from the big guns ( boys,, to the obscure ( japanther), to the largely forgotten ( See the list at

Mourning slickness

Glasgow's Camera Obscura (left) continue the lineage of somewhat downbeat indie pop bands from that city. Their new single, 'My Maudlin Career', has been made available as a free download from the band's website, http:// With a trickling piano line, a big fuzzy guitar low down in the mix and mournful vocals and lyrics, it's melancholic but nice.

They call him Mr Boombox-tastic

'Saturday Night Live' comedian Andy Samberg's mock R&B/rap videos, 'Dick in a Box' and 'Jizz in my Pants', have been recent viral phenomenons. A while back, he and some cohorts created a mock band, The Lonely Island ( http:// An album, 'Incredibad' ( http://www.incredibad. com), has just been released. Their latest effort is an ode to the boombox with guest vocals from The Strokes' Julian Casablancas –

Back in fashion

The Beastie Boys' second album, 'Paul's Boutique', was released in 1989. It was a giant leap forward for the band: the samples set a template for experimentation, while maturing lyrics moved them away from the tabloid-baiting shocks of their debut. There's nothing the music industry likes more than an anniversary to whip up a spanking new, digitally remastered version of an album; download the refreshed one from, with extras including 3D album art and the record's original videos (all at a cost, mind you). Or simply jog your memory by listening to streams of the album on the site along with some B-sides.