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Spike Jonze's adaptation of Maurice Sendak's children's book 'Where the Wild Things Are' is one of this year's most highly anticipated films.

In the run up to its release, Jonze set up a website,, "to help shed some light on many of the small influences that have converged to make this massive project a reality". One such post on the site ( unearths an unreleased song by what is called the "Kids Song Super Group", comprising Binki Shapiro of Little Joy, Jason Boesel of Rilo Kiley, and James Valentine of Maroon 5. The song is based on the Dr Seuss story 'Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?' and is a slow, sweet lullaby with a nice understated vocal from Shapiro and some great surf guitar reverb following behind. The film's soundtrack, performed by Karen O and the Kids, has also now been released digitally: the "kids" here being a childrens' choir alongside members of Karen O's band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as well as others from Deerhunter, Liars, The Raconteurs and many more. Snippets are streaming at

Love will out

Some new Sufjan Stevens material has been doing the rounds in the shape of a new song Stevens played at a gig in Ithaca last week. The song is called "There's Too Much Love"; weighing in at an epic seven minutes, it's a big, weird sonic stew, complete with delicate vocals, some jazz noise-breakdowns and slabs of heavy guitar, and it sounds pretty cool. Someone made a decent-quality video of the peformance and posted it on YouTube, ydvjuoa – you might notice that whoever shot it seems to take a shine to one of Stevens's pretty backing singers about halfway through and from then on spends quite a lengthy amount of time focusing on her.

A whole new horror

The Horrors have long divided opinion. Their May album, 'Primary Colours', was nominated for the Mercury Prize but was also met with disapproval. Now comes a (sort of) new single, "Whole New Way". Due for release on 2 November, it's a reworked track from the Japanese release of the album. It follows in the same vein as that record and it's worth a listen – well, depending on which side of The Horrors fence you sit on. Hear it at

Music to the ears

Online music streaming service has launched a project to support new UK music. With "we7 Presents" (, the site plans to give exposure to emerging musicians. Every two weeks an unsigned artist will be promoted on the site, with five bands pre-selected to launch the venture: The Federals, Namalee, the deBretts, Breaking the Illusion and Hitchcock. A playlist of their music has been put together at

My left foot

Big Boi of Outkast fame has been working towards a solo album for a while now. Apparently the record known as 'Sir Luscious Left Foot: the Son of Chico Dusty' (catchy title) will arrive this autumn. In the meantime, a new track has emerged from him called "For Your Sorrows", with guest vocals from George Clinton and Too Short. It's streaming at Whether the track will appear on the new LP is unclear. It sounds a little like his 'Speakerboxxx' output, but with a more low-key electro production from the regular Outkast collaborators Organized Noize, He also throws in a few references to Hurricane Katrina and the devestation in New Orleans for good measure.