Caught in the Net: Yo La Tengo refuse to fade away


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On 14 January Hoboken's second-finest (no one can top Sinatra), Yo La Tengo return with Fade, their 13th full album release.

The art-rock trio have shared "Before We Run", the first song from the record on YouTube – With stately strings and horns, a hushed vocal from Georgia Hubley and a softly lolling rhythm, the song doesn't stray far from the gentler side of their oeuvre (they certainly know how to make a great racket too), but it is rather lovely if not outside their comfort zone.

Pantha trips the light fantastic

It's been around for a couple of weeks but I only managed to hear it recently: German electronic producer Pantha du Prince has teamed up with Norwegian musicians The Bell Laboratory for a glorious new track called "Photon". It's part of a record they have made together called Elements of Light, which is due in January. Hear "Photon"'s brilliant melange of minimal beats, rippling pulses and bells reverberating at 87rx_1xFgvg.

No shame in this track

Jamie Lidell ploughs his own strange electro-soul furrow with "What a Shame", the first track from his February-released self-titled album. The track is streaming on his label's Warp's website at As has been suggested elsewhere, the English musician's vocals recall a more unhinged Cee Lo in this track.