Caught in the Net: You gotta fight for your right to funding


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What do you do if you're a musician with an album to make and your funding falls through? Raise the money yourself, of course!

Beastie Boys' touring drummer Fredo Ortiz, pictured, shows us how it's done with his clever crowd-funding on Kickstarter to record his debut solo album. At time of writing he has raised $16,000 – $1,000 more than the $15,000 he needed to fund the project, with five days to go until the closing date of 4 October. And it's no surprise why – there's an ingenious array of exclusive goodies on offer at You can bid for six hour-long lessons from the top drummer, or really splash out and enjoy a private concert in your own back yard.

A businesslike approach to R&B

Inc. are a duo of brothers who've spent years recording and touring with superstars from Elton John to Cee Lo Green and Beck. Andrew and Daniel Aged are finally releasing their debut album in early 2013, on 4AD, and "The Place" is the first song to be aired. Download it for free at Recorded in Los Angeles, where they're from, it's like the xx minus the moody intensity, with Prince-style keening vocals, and stripped-back beats and laid-back R&B instrumentation arranged with razor-sharp precision..

New Kylie – we should be so lucky!

This week, a Kylie track that has never been released before was made available as a download. "Flower" features on Kylie's upcoming album, out on 29 October, The Abbey Road Sessions, as one of 16 reworked tracks, but you can thank the 25,000 fans who tweeted #KylieFlower to unlock the song, and its accompanying video, on