Cliff Richard: 'One Direction are pretty impressive'

Cultural Life: The singer gives his favourite music, film, tv and theatre picks

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I have quite eclectic taste, from rock to rhythm and blues and even some jazz singers. I love Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and One Direction are pretty impressive.

However, it’s hard to beat the old classics. Elvis was my idol and I still love his early recordings. I play a lot of CDs and my machine takes five at a time, so I tend to mix up my music. Elvis, Sinatra, Olivia, Beatles, oh yeah... and me too (sometimes). 


I am very fortunate to be on the voting panel for the Baftas so I get sent all kinds of DVDs to watch.

I recently saw 12 Years a Slave – it was brilliantly filmed but very disturbing. It’s hard to believe that we could have been so inhumane to black people. 


My lifestyle leaves little time for watching regular TV. What I tend to do is get the DVD box sets and watch three or four episodes in one night. I got through Downton Abbey that way!


I saw Kinky Boots on Broadway – I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I even met Gloria Estefan backstage afterwards! I also saw Once and Newsies – one of the most energetically choreographed shows I have ever seen.

Cliff Richard’s new album, ‘The Fabulous Rock’n’Roll Songbook’, and new DVD, ‘Still Reelin’ and A-Rockin’ Live in Sydney’, are out now