Credo: Ian McCulloch

The songwriter, frontman for Echo and the Bunnymen and devotee of Liverpool is helping new musicians get going
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I believe in democracy. To have been brought up in a country that wasn't democratic would be unimaginable to me. We don't realise how lucky we are, sometimes.

I believe music videos should be banned because they become more important than the songs.

I believe it's handy to be well known or recognised in your own town. There's a kind of respect now for me in Liverpool, which I've never left. I've kept my roots and am still growing them. Every year that goes by is another year of belonging. The local paper compiled a list of the 100 greatest Liverpudlians and I came out about 49th, which I was chuffed about.

I believe that there is a very thick line between love and hate.

I believe in good manners. It's become normal now for people not to bother saying please or thank you. It's a disgrace. A lot of English people criticise Americans for saying "Have a nice day". What would they prefer? Have a bad one?

I believe in anti-Darwinism - otherwise why are there still monkeys?

I believe I should be in charge of what gets made and what doesn't in the film and music industries. About 90 per cent of music and films - by which I mean the money spent on making them - should be given to charity, because about 90 per cent is rubbish. We could be building a lot of hospitals with that money.

I believe Liverpool Football Club will win a major trophy this season because we usually do.

I believe David Dimbleby should be prime minister. He seems to know what he's on about and he looks more suave than most.

I believe in bars of soap over shower gel. Once you put the shower gel on your hand it's washed off by the time you get anywhere near your feet. With soap it feels as if you're cleaning yourself more, plus you know when it's running out because it slips through the rack. With these plastic squeezy things you never know.

I believe it is unbelievable that the late Bill Shankly, the greatest football manager - of Liverpool in the 1960s and early 1970s - and man of all time, was not knighted. Not that he would have accepted it anyway.

I believe money makes itself. If money is what you're into it can be easily made.

I believe that Armitage Shanks is my favourite name of a toilet manufacturer.

I believe pensioners should be given an extra £50,000 on retirement. And I'd double the payment for war veterans.

I believe Liverpool is, in its own way, the most beautiful city in the world.

I believe that a haircut maketh the man.

Ian McCulloch is working with snack company Pringles to find unsigned bands and artists and give them a helping hand in the music industry. Go to for details