Cultural Life: Alison Moyet, singer

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Elbow's 'Leaders of the Free World' is the current album I have set to repeat. The beauty of Guy Garvey's voice contracts the throat and makes your breath catch. Poetry cupped in a sound that can only come from a group truly connected is everything I need.


I have been reading all things Robin Hobb lately. 'The Farseer' and 'The Tawny Man' trilogies. I am now into the third of 'The Liveship Traders' series. Utterly compelling and well-written high fantasy novels all set in the same world. I will read 'Winter In Madrid' next by C J Sansom, having recently enjoyed his 16th-century Matthew Shardlake crime series, and I am about to read Robert Harris's 'Lustrum'.


I like a bit of European when it comes to film. A regular favourite is the Dutch film 'Antonia's Line' by Marleen Gorris. I am working through the Almódovar collection right now. Just seen 'Bad Education' and 'All About My Mother'. He does like a lady boy.

Visual arts

As for art, we have hung my old bicycle in a tree for want of a better place for it. I see that everyday. It looks right.

Alison Moyet 'The Best Of' is released on Monday on Sony Music