Cultural Life: Donny Osmond, musician


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I do go back to listen to the album Somewhere in Time that Gary Barlow produced for me and I loved the new Maroon 5 album, Overexposed. You know how a lot of people said that they couldn't beat their first? I kind of like this new album because it does sound typically Maroon 5, but Adam Levine's voice is fantastic, with not – I hope – too much auto tuning. I also love Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross. He was a good friend of mine. And I like Muse.


I loved the latest Bond film, Skyfall. Daniel Craig is the best Bond to date. Sorry Sean! He was always my favourite until Daniel came along.


I'm always watching the Discovery Channel because I love to learn. I also watch the X Factor and Pop Idol, but it bothers me that we have what we call 30-second performers. I come from the days when you had to hold an audience for one-and-a-half hours.


Nail It Then Scale It is about how to be successful, how to get around negativity and how to take your ideas and bring them to fruition. It's what I have done all my life. You have to keep changing with the times and keep reinventing yourself.

Donny Osmond tours the UK as part of the Donny and Marie Live Tour until 2 February.