Cultural Life: Eliza Doolittle, musician

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Music: I've just bought Cee Lo Green's new album, 'The Lady Killer'. I've listened to it a couple of times and I was instantly drawn in. I love the old style he has. I also bought The Drums' album a couple of months ago and I really enjoyed it. I love their writing, it's a great album.

Television: I haven't been watching any TV recently because I've been on the road, but I am an avid 'EastEnders' fan. I've watched it all my life and so have my family. I always record it and try to catch up when I'm home. I'm also really into 'Dexter' at the moment. And 'Band of Brothers'. It's brilliant and really puts things into perspective. It's done perfectly.

Films: I saw the new 'Harry Potter' film recently, but I was disappointed. I don't think they should have made it in two parts. I'm a big Harry Potter fan and have read all the books, but it feels like they've cut a lot out of this one. I also loved 'Inception'. I think it is one of the best movies I've seen in the past few years.

Books: I'm reading Sebastian Faulks's 'Birdsong' at the moment. I read it when I was younger, but decided to re-read it as I remembered really liking it at the time. I wanted to remind myself of the story before I go and see the new theatre production of it. I'm interested in wartime stories as I think it's important to remember what the soldiers went through.

Visual Arts: I have always been a Peter Blake fan and love street art and graffiti. I really like this street-art collective called Faile. They're from Brooklyn and make these prints of beautiful women. I really like very bold art, but I wish I was more in the know.

Eliza Doolittle's single, "Skinny Genes", is out now. For more information about her UK tour visit