Cultural Life: Ian Bostridge, Singer

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Music: I heard Brahm's 'Sextet for Strings No. 2 in G major' at a concert recently and I completely fell in love with it. Recently I've been doing a tour of Hugo Wolf songs called 'Spanisches Liederbuch' with two singers and a pianist, so I've also been enjoying listening to the other singer, Angelika Kirschschlager, a mezzo-soprano.

Films: I go away a lot and I often take DVDs. I think Hannah and her Sisters is one of Woody Allen's masterpieces. The more you watch it the more subtlety there is. There's one particular bit where Michael Caine is running along the road in New York straight past a road sign that says "Walk". It's all those little details that you start noticing.

Television: I don't watch much TV but I squirmed my way through the former prime minister Tony Blair's interview with Andrew Marr a few months ago. Although there was a much better, more confrontational interview with him on Radio 3's 'Night Waves'.

Books: I've just re-read Madame Bovary which was very weird because I haven't read it since I was in my late teens. I found it unbelievably cold and heartless. It's brilliantly written and constructed. I enjoyed it page by page, but it was difficult to get through.

Theatre: The last piece of theatre I went to was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Eastbourne. I was amazed the standard was so high. You could have been in the West End. The children adored it. I was worried that nobody could measure up to Dick Van Dyke's performance as Mr Potts but the actor who did it had his own distinct charm. My daughter, who is three, is obsessed with the film; we've watched it 30 or 40 times. It's really made me appreciate the genius of Van Dyke.

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