Cultural Life: Kate Royal, soprano

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I'm listening to Tony Bennett "Young and Foolish". I will never tire of this beautiful, flawless recording. I've also been listening to every single recording I could get my hands on of "Mi Tradi" from 'Don Giovanni', in an attempt to discover how best to tackle this crazy aria.


As I'm in the process of moving house I'm obsessed with all house buying, selling, renovating shows. For travelling I love 'Flight of The Conchords' and will probably start my second run of 'Six Feet Under'.


I just finished Steve Martin's biography. A very funny and moving account of his career. Somehow one cannot imagine that comedians suffer stage fright just as we do. I've just started 'Anna Karenina'.


On a flight recently I watched a fantastic film called 'La Graine et le Mulet'. Its English title is 'The Secret of the Grain'. One of the best films I've seen in a very long time. It stars Hafsia Herzi who completely steals the film in an amazing belly dancing display.

Midsummer Night is released by EMI Classics on 4 May and she performs at the Wigmore Hall on 7 May