Cultural Life: Lauren Cuthbertson, ballerina


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I have just loaded my underwater iPod with Elbow, Villagers, Andy Burrows, Max Richter, Underworld and Ana Silvera. I admit I have some Rocky tunes on there if I need some extra motivation.


I downloaded Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom the other night and I found it to be so romantic, yet beautifully odd at the same time. My favourite recent film was the French movie Untouchable.


My best friend Jonathan Watkins was the movement director for Alan Bennett's new play, People, at the National Theatre. It was interesting for me as a dancer to see how he worked with actors so well. I also recently saw Singing in the Rain. I had to stop myself from singing along.


I am reading Grace Coddington's Grace: A Memoir, which is really interesting – and I love her drawings throughout the book. I'm waiting on a few books about the Mayerling incident, too, as I'm debuting as Baroness Mary Vetsera later this season in the ballet Mayerling.


Lauren Cuthbertson stars as Alice in the ballet 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' at the Royal Opera House, London WC2 ( 15 March to 13 April. It will be screened live at selected Vue cinemas nationwide on 28 March (