Cultural Life: Lethal Bizzle, rapper

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I like Calvin Harris's album 'Ready for the Weekend'. It's a party from start to finish – a total disco record. David Guetta's song "Sexy Chick" is brilliant, too. I've been listening to some old-school acid house, too.


I just got 50 Cent's book, 'The 50th Law'. I haven't had time to read it properly yet, but I have been skimming through it. There are some really powerful things in there. I relate to him because we come from a similar world, where there are not a lot of opportunities, and he manages to turn every situation into a huge positive.


I'm more of an old-school film guy usually, but the last film I saw was Jay-Z's movie 'Fade to Black'. It's a movie documenting him making his last album and performing his last concert before he was going to retire. It gives you an insight into how normal the guy is. I watched the Iron Maiden movie 'Flight 666', about them touring the world. They went to 20 countries in six weeks.


My favourite programme is 'Dragons' Den' – it's quite hilarious. You get some strange guys on there. I'm also a big 'EastEnders' fan.

Lethal Bizzle's album 'Go Hard' is out now on Search & Destroy