Cultural Life: Tinchy Stryder, musician

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Music: Right now I'm listening to a lot of things, but mostly Clipse. When it comes to rapping they're really good, they're inspirational and they give me motivation. I feel like I want to write lyrics when I hear them. There's a song on Rick Ross's album 'Teflon Don' called "B.M.F" and every time I go out it comes on and it just puts me in a different mood. The whole album is good – it's consistent. I also like Jme's album 'Blam!' because he has really kept to his own sound.

Films: The last film I saw was 'Paranormal Activity 2', which I thought was all right. Before I saw it a lot of people told me it was going to be really scary. I think parts of it were meant to be kind of scary but I haven't seen the first film so I think maybe I didn't quite understand it. There were a few bits that had the audience screaming.

Television: I don't watch much television at the moment but I've been watching a bit of 'The X Factor' here and there when I've had the chance. Cher Lloyd is probably still my favourite. I met her the other day and she's got a lot of confidence in person, as well as on television, which is a good thing.

Books: The last book I read was 'The 50th Law' by 50 Cent. I like it because it gives you an insight into how he thinks. You can connect with him, especially when he talks about the fact that sometimes it's best to go with your gut feeling. I took a lot from the book. You can take opinions from everyone else but in the end it's good to go with the feeling from your heart.

Tinchy Stryder's new album, 'Third Strike', is out on 15 November. His latest single, "Second Chance", featuring Taio Cruz, is out now