Cultural Life: Tricky, musician

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Books: I've just started reading 'The Black Hand' by Chris Blatchford. It's a biography of a guy who dissented from the Mexican Mafia. Reading it you can tell he was super-intelligent and could have had a very different life. I've also been reading Freddie Foreman's autobiography. He was one of England's biggest criminals, bigger than the Kray twins, but he didn't do the press. I've known him for 15 years – he's a good friend of mine, and it's always interesting reading about someone you know.

Films: The last film I saw was 'Mongol', about Genghis Khan. It's a great film with great actors and great story. Someone told me to watch 'Mesrine' with Vincent Cassel. I don't usually like Vincent Cassel but he's incredible in this film – it changed my views on the guy.

Visual Arts: I love photography but I wouldn't go to a gallery – I'd buy books instead. I will go to the odd gallery in Paris if I've got a photographer friend there, but that's more of a social thing. If I look at a photograph, say of people from the Sixties, it makes me think about what their life was like and who they were. There's a kind of sadness in doing it because there's a chance that they're not alive any more. It makes you realise that history is passing in front of you.

Music: I don't listen to new music, I don't really like it. I listen to old music from artists like Kurt Cobain, Kate Bush, Public Enemy or Janis Joplin.

Television: I love 'The Office'. I've already watched every episode and I'm still watching it. I haven't been a fan of anything for years, not even in music. I'm a real fan of 'The Office' though – it's my favourite thing to come out of England for years.

Tricky will be playing on the Virgin Media Union Stage at V Festival this weekend.