Day In The Life: Dobs Vye, founder of Adage Music and member of two-man band Public Symphony

'The cult of personality in pop is overbearing'
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I'm at my desk with a cup of tea and toast in time to check my e-mails before 9am. I got married this year and we've just moved into our house in High Wycombe. We're still living out of boxes and it took ages for BT to get our internet connection up and running, but we're just about there now.

There's some good news this morning - we've obtained the rights to use the BBC cult cartoon character Mr Benn in the video to "Anything is Possible", one of the tracks from the debut album by my band, Public Symphony and it's been uploaded today. In each episode Mr Benn tried on a costume and exited the shop by a magic door into the appropriate world. It seemed fitting for our song which is all about belief in the opportunities you can create.

James Reynolds - the other member of Public Symphony - and I always use animation in our videos. I find the cult of personality in pop overbearing and not very artistic. I like the existential and metaphysical; things of beauty. We've got some great animators whose goodwill goes a long way to helping us to keep costs down, too.


I have an online meeting with our management people and James to discuss when we can meet with the press company for the strategy on Mr Benn. We also discuss whether to put a B-side on the "Anything is Possible" single.

I see James a bit less now I've moved a bit further down the A40 from Shepherd's Bush, but we talk a couple of times a day and meet at least once a week. We record our music in his studio as he is better at the mix engineering and has nicer gear! He monopolises the mouse - I only get on it when he goes to the loo! It took us three years to make the album and it's available in HMV and Virgin, but we mainly rely on the internet and digital downloads. His wife deals with sending out orders for the CD from

James and I go back a while. We met when I was managing him and his female vocalist, who was poached. We started writing together and instead of taking on one of the new singers he auditioned, I ended up doing the vocals. It's taken about three years to finish the album, but it's had some really positive reviews and was Unsigned Music Magazine's album of the year in 2005.


I grab some lunch and watch the news. My wife, Natasha Marsh, is an opera singer and she's working from home today. I got her a deal with EMI last year and she is about to release an album so you could say she's leapfrogged me.

We met about three years ago when she came as a singer for some TV work I was doing. It was one of those "that's the one" moments.

I'm usually glued to the computer after lunch, responding to postings on My Space, sourcing websites for our videos and seeking champions online or in the media. The internet is fantastic because it's all free advertising and there are oodles of people willing to help you. Eddie Temple Morris on XFM is one of our offline champions. We've been selected out of 500 tracks for the Adam and Joe podcast, which is great. We've got big decisions to make as to whether to carry on doing what we can ourselves or to seek outside funding which means a big chunk of the profits being taken.


I spend the afternoon working on television music, which is how my company Adage Music came into being. We released our album under the label just out of convenience really. At the moment I'm working on the sounds for a BBC children's programme called Whizz Whizz Bang Bang. Usually I get a story board, a pilot episode and a brief and then it's down to me to generate the music. My first show was The O-Zone on BBC 2 and since then I've generated theme music for Sky News and various kids' shows.

I was really into music as a kid and ended up working for an artist management company, 7pm. I was seeing it all happening in the studio and I was envious of the artists. I wanted to learn the tools myself so I wrote a business plan and it seemed easier to approach a different industry, hence television. It's a great way to make a living and it always leads somewhere.


I liaise with an animator in Canada, Theodore Ushev, who produced the video to our track, "Stronger". Another of our tracks, "Rise and Shine", is on the virtual 3-D world, so I touch base there. I'm the acting receptionist and artist in residence in the media building.

I do try to have some meetings away from the internet as it can get a bit much!


I spend the evening doing DIY on the house. There's so much to do! I spent a lot of time over Christmas going to my wife's shows. She did one with Jose Carreras at the Royal Albert Hall which was fantastic. In the future Public Symphony will be playing live more often. James and I are meeting this week to devise how to reduce our line-up to make it suitable for gigs. We're planning on having a combined audio-visual set. We had a brilliant reception when we played at the Bush Hall a while back so I hope 2007 will bring more of the same!