Elisa Bray: Caught in the Net

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Every new band can now have their own online TV show. One site dedicated to new music, Fuzzed.tv, is particularly good because of its democratic selection process via the site's users.

The site, at www.fuzzed.tv was set up by two university friends who worked in music, and had CDs and demos from new bands landing on their desks every day. Any band or musician can start a profile, link their tracks and videos to the site's chart, and fans can listen to the tracks and watch the posted music videos and vote for their favourites. The bands with the most nods of approval from the music fans using the site get invited to a live gig where they are filmed.

Bands featured on the first Fuzzed.tv show are Hush the Many (Heed the Few), Xcerts and Love Ends Disaster and, as is the nature of such shows, can be viewed on demand.

There are also backstage mini-interviews with bigger names including Neon Neon, the Rascals, Liam Finn, Duke Spirit, Howling Bells and Pete and the Pirates.