Eurovision 2015: From Kylie to Sia, the acts that should be representing Australia

Australia has chosen soulful singer Guy Sebastian to represent it in its Eurovision debut. We look at the acts that would have been a better fit

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Former Australian Pop Idol winner Guy Sebastian has been selected as the country’s first ever Eurovision contestant, to the despair of music fans down under.

Sebastian has released eight top ten albums including two number ones, but Australians were hoping for a bigger name to represent them at the singing contest in May.

Given Australia’s strong pop pedigree, we round-up the stars that should have been chosen to represent Oz.


The gay icon would have been the perfect choice to send to the campest music competition in the world. She already has a huge fanbase in Europe and would have guaranteed a good few ‘douze points’ from competing countries. Alas, she’ll have to leave the sequins and feathers to Guy Sebastian.


She wowed at the Grammys and would bring true artistry to Eurovision – something the competition could really do with – but Sia hasn’t been chosen to represent her country. She probably would have had to show her face on stage at the grand final in Vienna, which may have been a deal breaker for her. Eurovision does not do subtlety.

Iggy Azalea

Granted she would have to be beeped out before the watershed, but Azalea would shake things up at the singing contest. Rap isn’t often performed at Eurovision – the UK didn’t have much luck with its rapping entry Daz Sampson in 2006 – and Azelea could help harness the youth vote across Europe.

Jason Donovan

He’s currently on a UK theatre tour playing the speech therapist in The King’s Speech, so it’s unlikely Donovan has much time for Eurovision. Even so, there would doubtless be legions of Neighbours fans in the UK who would vote for him, especially if he performed “Especially For You” with Kylie.

Holly Valance

Eurovision likes to resurrect acts from the noughties, if the UK’s 2011 Blue entry is anything to go by. Valance owned Top of The Pops with her performance of “Kiss Kiss” in 2002, and the Neighbours alumna could easily win over Eurovision viewers’ hearts with another Bollywood-inspired pop anthem.

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