False Heads reveal new EP Gutter Press - premiere

Exclusive: The Independent launches debut from the band championed by Iggy Pop

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False Heads are putting out their new EP - the gloriously titled Gutter Press - on 10 March but you can get the first listen here on The Independent.

After we premiered their single 'Weigh In' in 2016 they've gone from strength to strength (not that we're taking any credit), and this EP is a belter.

Check it out below: 

Q&A with False Heads

What are you listening to at the moment?

Luke: Jake got me into the Shins, pretty late to the party but been digging Oh, Inverted World. Been on a bit of a Rage Against the Machine one as well, the new stuff we’ve been writing will probably show that haha. Not sure how people haven’t picked up the amount we’ve ripped them off already actually to be honest. Yeah, sort of been between chilled out melodic stuff and really riffy stuff. 

Barney: While training I've had alot of Manchester Orchestra, Aphex Twin and Seekae. Sees you through the big hills and motivates you when you need it, alongside being the perfect soundtrack to the beautiful landscapes.

Jake:  Still have Leonard Cohen's last album on rotation fairly regularly, it's called “You Want it Darker” but it's not too dark really as it shows that his humour, tunes and all round bossness remained undimmed right until the end. Also been getting into more ambient/experimental stuff to wean myself off watching crap tv before bed. William Basinski's “For David Robert Jones” just came out and that's great. Kinda like choirs of angels singing in a storm before some broken jazz comes in. Not much riffy stuff at the moment but get enough of that with the 'Heads!

How are you feeling about the EP - what's it been like putting it together?

Luke: Well, it definitely feels like a culmination and a good representation of what we’ve done with our sound over the last year and a half. There’s the big heavy, riff rock tracks like Slew and even Weigh In but there’s the pop hooks that Twentynothing has and then like Comfort Consumption has a completely different feel to it but you can still sort of tell it’s us (I hope).

A few songs we have knocking about didn’t make the cut but I reckon from the EP you’ll get a proper sense of what we’re about and I’m happy about that. Putting it together was pretty easy really, we all kinda knew what we wanted on it and what songs we were gunna leave off. 

Barney: Yeah good. It's been in the pot for ages so it'll be good to have away with it. 

Was a good exercise to produce and mould the tracks and we found our rhythm in terms of songwriting together. Looking forward to moving on to the next batch of tracks and the new sound we're producing.

Jake: Really pleased that we've got these songs locked down onto one EP, it's something to show for what's been a generally good, sometimes surreal year and a bit and agree with Luke that it feels like a pretty accurate representation of what we're about. First time we've been able to offer vinyl as well through Pledge so that's exciting.

What's your favourite track?

Luke: 'Twentynothing' for me. I think out of all the tracks on the EP. That will make the album, that’s got a bit of everything about us and it’s got my favourite hook and guitar solo. 

Barney: Favourite track probably 'Weigh In'. Most fun to play by a mile, although I keep running in to problems with it. Doesn't quite do my balls a tingle but maybe that's as a result of hearing is four hundred thousand times.

Jake: I don't know if it's my favourite but I'm really glad that 'Comfort Consumption''s getting a proper release. We've been sitting on the recording for about a year and a half and the song itself is ancient in False Head's terms, but it has some of Luke's best lyrics and the driving guitar at the end gets the old neck-hairs moving every time.

What are your plans for 2017? 

Luke: There’s some big announcements coming quite soon (including some festivals) we’re heading into the studio to do another single. We’re announcing another tour before and after festival season. Then we’re looking at the album. So it’s gunna be quite a hectic year. 

Barney: Errr cycle to Paris, secure this job, earn some dough, move out again, play some shows and festivals, write some tunes, do a bit of travelling, take some photographs and continue to keep fit and eat well. Put that in your insta and smoke it.

Jake: Keep cracking on with band stuff, get the new tunes finished and have a good/mad festival season before hunkering down and thinking about the album. Also just to live a generally more productive and wholesome life, should probably get a better bass amp at some point as well.

Gutter Press, the debut EP from False Heads, is out on Friday 10 March