Fantasy band: Alexis Taylor, Hot Chip/ About Group

'Crystal Gayle knows how to convey heartache'

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Vocals: Crystal Gayle, Will Oldham and Odetta

Crystal has one of my favourite voices, and she knows how to convey heartache better than anyone else on record. Will would be a great foil to Crystal's voice; and Odetta could do heavenly backing vocals.

Guitar: Tori Kudo

Maher Shalal Hash Baz's Tori Kudo plays with years of experience and skill. He would help navigate the way toward a new kind of collaborative music, devoid of touchstones and easy reference points.

Synths: Peter Gabriel

He would provide murmuring, atmospheric synth – and help with the chord changes.

Drums: Jon Theodore and Ringo Starr

They'd play together, almost in unison. Jon currently plays with Queens of the Stone Age and I think they'd make a great team and have stories to share about Baltimore and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Bass: Michael Henderson

Henderson had been touring with Stevie Wonder when Miles Davis allegedly saw him play and invited him to join his band instead, which he did.

Producer: Joe Goddard

I love Joe's production and have been fortunate enough to work with him since we were teenagers. He knows all of the individual's styles – and has the skills to bring them all together to make something amazing.

About Group's album 'Between the Walls' is out now. Hot Chip play Latitude festival on Saturday