Fantasy band: Anand Wilder, Yeasayer

'I think being in my band would make Brian Eno angry'

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Knob twiddler/DJ: Brian Eno

Eno never played live as much as he could, so being forced to in this fantasy band would probably make him angry, and sometimes anger leads to bursts of creativity – or at least some edge – which his production has been lacking in the last 10 years.

Piano: Nicky Hopkins

Hopkins played all the tastiest piano licks on my favourite classic rock songs. As far as I'm concerned the piano makes the song in "She's a Rainbow," "Lovin' Cup," "Jealous Guy," etc. Plus he seems like he was an even-tempered nice guy.

Guitar: Guy Blakeslee

Guy can really shred that guitar and I know he'd love to play with all these people, so he's going to be my contemporary guitar virtuoso.

Vocals: Nina Simone

I don't think I've ever heard a bad Nina Simone song, so her voice could make up for whatever cacophonous garbage this fantasy band comes up with.

Bass: Squarepusher

This guy has a custom programmable Eventide Orville effects box that he could show off to Brian Eno.

Drums: Dave Mattacks

I just love that tasteful drumming on Fairport Convention and Albion Country Band records, and tasty drumming might be able to rein in this mess.

Yeasayer's new album, 'Fragrant World', is out now. They tour from 27 September