Fantasy Band: Barry Hyde, The Futureheads


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Piano: Ludwig van Beethoven

I think Beethoven deserves a place in this band. I'm interested in how he'll get along with the others because he was a very egotistical man, apparently. Maybe the most egotistical musician of all time. A total show-off.

Vocals: Tom Waits

He's one of the world's greatest living men. As an artist, he's untouchable because he's done it all: he's played pretty much very genre, had a great acting career, he looks incredibly cool, and he's very funny. What a guy.

Backing vocals: Elizabeth Fraser

I love when a man and a woman sing together, it's very special. Cocteau Twins are great and I think Fraser's ethereal voice would be nice against Waits's gravelly, pirate voice.

Drums: John Bonham

There's only one drummer in my opinion and that's John Bonham. He's an absolute genius of rock drumming. He'd be fun to hang out with too.

Guitar: Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix was my first-ever musical hero. I loved him so much that when I realised he was dead I was incredibly sad. I think I cried.

Bass: Paul McCartney

We need someone to organise it all and put Beethoven in his place when he gets a bit moody. Paul's our man.

The Futureheads play Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, on 19 September. Their a cappella album, 'Rant', is out now on Nul Records