Fantasy Band: Chris Baio, Vampire Weekend

'I like sparse, pretty guitar lines... and Romy Madley-Croft is great at writing and playing them'

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Drums: Jaki Liebezeit

At some point in college my girlfriend got me the Can documentary on DVD and there's a part in it where one of his bandmates says, "I'll never be able to build a drum machine as well as Jaki does". I agree with that sentiment. He's an incredible drummer and on some of those Can songs I would be happy to just listen to the drum beat. Having a great drummer is really vital to a band – and he's the best.

Bass: Matt Freeman

He has played in Operation Ivy and Rancid. I would be curious because his style is very different from Jaki's; he plays a lot of fast, really melodic stuff. Although he's able to be fast, it never comes across as self-indulgent and that can be a tricky line to tow. I would be curious to hear how he plays at slower tempos.

Guitar: Romy Madley-Croft

I really like sparse, pretty guitar lines and I think she's really great at both writing and playing them. I played a DJ set in Turin recently and I got to see The xx in this big square. It was exciting to hear their new stuff.

Vocals: Bryan Ferry

I've been listening intensely to Roxy Music lately. I've never gone too deeply into their discography before and so I've been listening obsessively to all their albums. There's that somewhat famous saying, "If you can't sing well, sing interestingly". I think he's one of the most interesting singers in terms of how he uses his voice and how he phrases the words.

Baio's debut solo EP, Sunburn, is out now on Greco-Roman