Fantasy Band: Colin Blunstone

'If you don't have good songs, you can just go home'
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Drums: Keith Moon

He was a complete one-off. My band The Zombies played with The Who two or three times but it wasn't until we were both doing a live spot on Ready Steady Go! that I realised what a genius he was. He revolutionised drumming.

Bass: Paul McCartney

In 1963 I queued in the rain outside the Luton Odeon to see the Beatles, who I was convinced, and still am, were the best band ever.McCartney is one of the best writers ever. I wanted to make sure I had enough good writers in this band. If you don't have good songs, you can just pack up and go home.

Guitar: Keith Richards

In the summer of 1963 The Zombies all went to see The Rolling Stones play in a small club called Studio 51 in Leicester Square. I'd never heard anything like it. It was the most exciting concert I ever went to.

Keyboard: Elton John

Elton's a fantastic person and performer. Through being on Rocket Records I was fortunate enough to see him play quite a few times and he was always sublime. He's one of the best writers of the last 50 years.

Vocals: Elvis

I can only think of one person who would be able to front a band like this and that would be Elvis. He's the person, along with Little Richard and Chuck Berry, who introduced me to rock'n'roll. It would have to be Elvis before he went into the army though.

Colin Blunstone's new album, 'On The Air Tonight', is out on Monday on Ennismore