Fantasy band: Connan Mockasin

'I don't want a flashy bass player'

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Guitar - Jimi Hendrix

I actually got into him when I was about nine years old. I was watching the Steven Seagal movie Under Siege with my parents and his music came on one of the scenes. I thought it was amazing and mum told me it was a man called Jimi Hendrix. She got me the record out of the cupboard and it got me so excited.

Bass - Elvis

He played the bass so he should be ok, but I want him more for his backing vocals. I think he's such a great performer and I love his voice. He can just do simple bass playing, nothing too fancy. I don't want a flashy bass player for this. I don't like flashy bass playing.

Vocals - Michael Jackson

This is getting very obvious isn't it? But they are the best people! He'd be perfect up front. My first CD I ever got was Off the Wall. Dangerous is probably my favourite album though.

Drums - Ade

He's a brilliant drummer from America. Really mesmerising. He's very old now but played for a lot of groups. He was quite a jazzy player. My friend showed me footage of him online. Everyone is so well known, it's nice to put someone who's not that well known in the group.

Connan Mockasin's album, 'Caramel', is out now. He tours the UK next January