Fantasy Band: Delilah

'I'm not even sure Kanye can play the drums, but I bet he'd pick it up'

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Drums: Kanye West

I'm not even sure if he can play drums but I'm positive he could pick it up very quickly with a few lessons if he doesn't know already. He'd enjoy thrashing around on the drums I think; he's got a lot of stuff to get out and that might help. I'm a huge fan, though – he's amazing.

Guitar: Prince

It would be so good to watch him rocking out on his purple guitar and his sparkly heels. I think "If I Was Your Girlfriend" is probably my favourite ever Prince song.

Bass: Kurt Cobain

It would just be nice to see him again onstage and he could actually play the bass. I was a big Nirvana fan so it would be interesting to throw him into this mix.

Backing vocals: Beyoncé & Sade

I was going to have Beyoncé and Rihanna and have them battle each other on stage to determine who's the best but there's probably too much animosity there so I've gone with Sade to keep it chilled.

Vocals: Adele

Let's put Adele up front. I'm a really big fan, there's so much I love about her. She's got a lot of character and her personality shines through. I think she's relatable, and it feels real and honest. She's inspirational.

Piano: Stevie Wonder

He is an amazing pianist and songwriter and plays with such a distinctive flair. I saw him at Glastonbury and he's doing Bestival this year so I'll make sure I catch him again as seeing him play live is such a joyful experience; it is really, really special.

Delilah's new single 'Breathe' is out 14 May on Atlantic Records